The Fellow Atmos – Coffee Storage Upgraded

Being the coffee nerd...

that I'm sure you are (otherwise you may of made a wrong click somewhere) you've likely heard of or own something made by Fellow Products.  They make all kinds of useful and extremely aesthetically pleasing specialty coffee gear.  I mean, you'd be hard pressed to find another company that makes a better looking pour over kettle.  But I digress, this isn't about their kettle, its about the Fellow Atmos vacuum storage container.

You can obviously store other things in it, but round these parts we're all about coffee.  So in this video I'll be going through not only an unboxing, but I'll go over the features, how it works, and lastly if it works.  To do that I'll run a couple low tech experiments to see if the Fellow Atmos keeps coffee fresh for up to two months. This experiments will consist of the smell and taste of the coffee, but also its Co2 content; i.e. bloom and crema.

So does the Fellow Atmos' ability to pump air out of the container keep the coffee fresher?  Without further fanfare let's jump in. Hit play on that video above, and check out how the Fellow Atmos holds up in this review.

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