Fellow Monty – Cappuccino Milk Art Cups

The Fellow Monty...

not to be confused with the "full Monty", is a newcomer to the milk cup market.  At least they seem new to me, I didn't see them popping up until the last couple months.  They looked intriguing to me, as I do love all things without handles (note my favorite handleless milk pitcher).  So I figured I'd snag a Fellow Monty cappuccino cup and give it a shot next to my beloved notNeutral Lino cup.

Similarly to the Lino cups, the Monty cups also have a parabolic slope inside them.  This slope helps not only keep the crema intact on the surface of your espresso.  But it also helps keep your milk in check when pouring into them, which I'll explain in more detail in the video.  Overall I just wanted to see how the Monty measured up for pouring latte art.  There are some subtle differences, but they are differences nonetheless. There is definitely a learning curve, as to be expected.  The biggest one is the change of depth, which basically requires some adjustments in your pouring but nothing major.

Hit play on that video above to see the Fellow Monty cappuccino milk cup in action.  Also, a big thank you to my Patreon supporters for their support.  This cup was purchased with their help, and will be raffled off to one of the supporters as this video is released.

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