Fellow Opus – Can They Get It Right First Try?

The grinder market seems to be rapidly expanding...

but I'm happy to see that not all of the options are aimed at the hardcore home enthusiast looking to drop serious cash; the casual and early stage  rabbit-holers need a little love too. Which brings me to the topic of today's video, the new Fellow Opus. This $200, conical burred, all-around coffee grinder, is a departure from Fellow's first entry into the market, the Ode. Which landed on the coffee scene to a bit of a mixed response, due to its lack of finer settings for lighter roasts, and a long wait for a new set of burrs.

So the Fellow Opus does have a bit of an uphill battle on two fronts. For one, the new Baratza Encore ESP is a very similar option from price to performance. Also after the Ode Fellow has left a lot of people wondering (myself included) if they can get it right first try. Well, on paper it's got all the right things: 41 adjustments, a low-retention design, a single-dosing platform, and a fresh set of conical burrs, among a handful of others. It appears to be poised to be a redemption for the Ode, and a strong competitor for the ESP, but there's only one way to find. So hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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