Fellow Shimmy – Removing The Fines From Your Grinds

Just a few short days ago...

there was a knock at my door, and there on my doorstep sat a box that I wasn't expecting. It was from Fellow, and after my most recent harsh (but fair) review of their new French press I wasn't sure what to expect. My mind raced. Is this a cease and desist? Some kind of chemical agent? I checked to see if the box was ticking and reluctantly took it inside for further inspection. But after a carful, methodical, and precise opening I found their newest (and at the time unannounced) product the Fellow Shimmy sifter.

I was relieved at first, and slightly excited. I love surprises. So I broke it free from its cardboard prison, checked out the directions, and dove right into using it. I'm not new to sifting, and this isn't some kind of leap forward, but it sifts coffee. Yet, as most items do it did make me feel some kind of way. At first I thought it wasn't enough to put together a video for, but who am I kidding. I couldn't turn down the opportunity to take my feelings and put them into video form. So hit play on the video above, and let's see if the Fellow Shimmy can find its way into my heart.

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