Showdown – Five Flat Bottom Brewers Compared

When it comes to pour over drippers...

there are a lot of options ranging in size, material, and shape, but when I sat down to do a quick inventory of my collection I realized I had more flat bottom options than any other style. And looking back over the last year or so, I've found myself gravitating towards flat bottom options for their consistency and ease of use. I mean, I'm sure it's not a surprise to many that I reserve a lot of my nerding out on coffee for espresso, but this lead to me wondering, which of the flat bottom brewers is best.

With that in mind, I broke out a coffee, a grinder, and all five of the options I had on hand and brewed them all back to back. Taking notes on their ease of use, consistency, flavor, extraction, and cost to see which of them comes out on top. Honestly, I was a little shocked at how close the competition was, but I don't want to spoil the video. So if you're curious to see how the Orea V3, Fellow Stagg, April Dripper, Espro Bloom, and classic Kalita Wave do head-to-head, and which of the flat bottom brewers will reign supreme, hit play on the video above and let's brew this.

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