Flat Burr Niche – Manufacturer Vs. Modification

It hasn't been long since...

I put out my first impressions video on the flat burr niche modification about six months ago, and I planned on following it up relatively quickly with my final take on the mod, its performance, and anything else that popped up along the way. But then all of a sudden, Niche themselves, not to be outdone, dropped their own flat burr option with no warning in April. 

So, this little twist added a some extra time to my production process and changed how I wanted to approach this video, because as you could likely imagine, the questions came in about how the two compare.But now after some time and experience with both options on my bar I’ve got some thoughts on how the modification stands up to the manufacturer, and spoiler alert the differences between these two are more surface level than you may be expecting so let’s just jump directly into it.

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