Niche Zero – The Flat Burr Mod Initial Impressions

For years the Niche Zero was the grinder to have...

in the home coffee scene. It was so popular they would sell out in minutes, and their Instagram account grew past 100,000 followers. Which is kind of unheard of for a equipment brand with only one item and just a few years on the scene. Of course, this success isn't just for nothing. The Niche Zero provided a simple, clean, and single-dosing platform for home baristas. The only downside, at least to some was its use of conical burrs, which are known to produce a less consistent grind size. But now, thanks to the work of Sheldon at Sworksdesign the Niche flat burr mod is a real option.

Of course, many of you who've been around my blog for awhile have likely seen the Niche make many appearances. It was my daily driver grinder for years, and I don't have many issues with it. Yet, like most coffee enthusiasts I was hit with a case of 'upgradeitis' and wondered if the grass was truly greener on the flatter side. Well for many, this new flat burr mod may be just what the doctor ordered for those looking to extend the usefulness of a grinder that was already known to many as the Swiss Army knife of coffee grinders.

So in this video I'll get into my first impressions of the mod itself, its installation, and early performance experience with multiple brew methods and burr sets. So if you're as curious as I am about this swap, hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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