Espresso Anatomy – Flat Vs Conical Burrs

There are many debates within the coffee industry...

and one of those debates that has been raging for years is flat vs conical burrs.  The passion each group carries about their burr preference is up there with the Montagues and Capulets (yeah that's a Shakespeare reference, deal with it). Of course I have my preferences, and I'm sure you do too.  The fact of the matter is both types will make you outstanding coffee.  Both types are used in homes, world-class, specialty coffee cafes, and in barista competitions.  So choosing one over the other shouldn't and isn't a choice having good or great coffee.  Instead it's a matter of preference for the factors that set these two types of grinder burrs apart.

So in this video I'll be breaking down the flat vs conical burrs debate in terms of espresso preparation.  I'll talk about the mechanical aspect, how each set works, and how they actually grind (or more accurately shave and crush) the coffee.  Which also will include their design, overall costs, and the pros and cons of each type.  I'll use the Kruve sifter to determine which burr set has the most consistent grind size distribution.  Which is basically just a fancy way of saying how much the grinds are one specific size.  Last, but certainly not least I'll pull shots of espresso off of each burr type and talk about the perceived flavor differences between the two.

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