The FrankOne – Making Coffee In A Vacuum

Don't let the name fool you...

it's not some kind of robot butler, the FrankOne is actually a coffee brewer.  Once you get past the name, which really isn't explained anywhere on the website (the owners being Eduardo and Otto) its actually a pretty interesting piece of coffee gear. It's uses an electric USB charged vacuum to pull water through your coffee bed. They call this VacTec, and it's claimed to minimize acidity and bitterness in hot coffee, and create cold brew in four minutes that has the same extraction as an 8-12 hour static brew.

When the folks at Frank de Paula reached out and explained the FrankOne to me it sounded pretty interesting. Plus, I'm never one to turn town a unique coffee toy.  So they sent it over and I put some time into it.  I started out with their recommended brew recipes for cold brew and hot coffee. But in true Sprometheus form, I wanted to see if I could maximize what this little brewer could do.  So using some extraction theory, and a little persistence I was able to get this little brewer pumping out some solid brews.

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  1. Rigoberto Hernandez
    July 31, 2020

    Thanks Asa for the Frankeone tutorial. Been curious if it’s worth the bang for the buck.

    1. TheRealSprometheus
      July 31, 2020

      Of course, thanks for watching Rigo!


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