Gaggia Classic Pro – Small But Mighty Home Espresso

Getting into home espresso...

can be an intimidating experience. There are thousands of options that range in everything from price to performance. Going online in search of answers can can only make the choice harder. Scrolling through forums and blog posts can give you an even mix of horror stories and happy endings, but there is one machine that tends to garner more of a positive response from the home espresso community; the Gaggia Classic Pro.

After the recent side by side of the Gaggia and the Mini, I felt like it was definitely worthy of its own stand alone review. Plus there were quite a few topics that didn't make the comparison that I think are relevant to those considering getting a Gaggia Classic Pro. Topics like temperature surfing (I promise its less fun than it sounds), steaming milk and a good old fashioned list of pros and cons. Plus, as a bonus I'll go into and clarify my somewhat controversial "disposable" statement that I made about the Gaggia recently.

So hit play on that video above and let's brew this!

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