Golden Ratio – Under-Roasted Or Underestimated

Coffee can take many forms...

and throughout the roasting process it goes through a variety of transformations.  Each phase of the roast brings out a unique flavor characteristic. Now, whether it tastes good is, like all coffee, is subjective. For me, the ideal roast is always past first crack. But as a lover of coffee I never turn down an experience to taste something different. So when I was sent the link for Golden Ratio Coffee from a friend and fellow coffee roaster my curiosity was piqued.

Those who have heard of  "white coffee" may find the whole idea of extremely light roasts familiar. Golden Ratio is of a similar vein. When you end a roast in the yellow-to-orange phase, also known as the Maillard reaction, it creates a drink that isn't all that recognizable as coffee.  It has a much lower presence of acidity, a mild sweetness, and very little body. Taste wise it won't have much, if any, origin characteristics. But it will carry a tea-like, nutty or a doughy flavor.

To learn more about how it's roasted, how to make it, and how it tastes check out the video above, and stay caffeinated Ponyboy.

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