Grinder Go – Timemore’s Hands-Free Hand Grinder

There must be something in the water...

because powered hand grinders seem to be all the rage, or at least I'm getting them in waves. Regardless, here we are, and today we're with Timemore's Grinder Go Advanced. Unlike its close relatives the Slim and Chestnut X this grinder contains a unique twist for a piece of coffee gear, and its aimed at an equally unique market segment. From what I can derive its made for those who are often on the go, but don't want to manually grind their coffee.

The Grinder Go Advanced is powered by two lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable via a USB-C port. It's motor spins a 38mm set of Timemore's E&B burrs. Along with its premium burr set the Grinder Go claims to produce consistent grinds and brews, as well as bring some technology like auto-off and their anti-jamming "auto swing".

So if you're curious about how this battery powered package preforms under barista scrutiny hit play on the video above and let;s brew this.

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