Hario Switch – The Last Dripper You’ll Ever Need

When I first saw the...

Hario Switch I thought it was just a more expensive version of the Clever Dripper, but after getting one I realized it's a bit of a different beast. Unlike the Clever you can easily manipulate the brew from percolation to immersion, and back again with the flip of a switch, hence calling it the "switch".  This controllability opens up a wide world of options in terms of brewing recipes and experimentation. This is both a baristas dream, and nightmare, because you can essentially spend forever playing with all the potential possibilities.

So as I sat down to really dig into how I want to approach brewing on the Hario Switch I remembered one of the best cups of coffee I've had from an immersion brewer called the Ground Control. This brewer runs multiple phases of immersion with fresh water through the same grinds, and combines them all into the final product. I wanted to see if I could recreate that magic using the Hario Switch, so I spent some time working on that recipe as well as developing a bit of an overall take on the dripper as a whole.

So hit play on the video above for the full breakdown on this unique and highly capable pour over dripper.

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