Buyer’s Guide – How To Read A Coffee Label

Making your own coffee...

at home can be a humbling experience, even just picking the right coffee can be tricky.  Knowing how to read a coffee label is one of those skillsets that's as niche as knowing how to juggle.  The amount of information on the label can vary widely from one roaster to another roaster, but things like elevation, processing, and varietal can leave people feeling a bit out of their depth. Before the continuous cycle of pain that is the year 2020, most people would buy coffee in person, and be able to ask your (hopefully) friendly and (maybe) knowledgeable barista a few questions to narrow down the choices, or maybe even try one while you're there. Then when you get the bag home the likelihood of enjoying it were dramatically increased.

But now, due to public health measures ordering your coffee online seems to be a better, if not a much safer choice. Some coffee roasters are showing increases of up to 30% year over year for their online retail bag business. That massive shift in customer behavior, myself included. I felt like now would be the absolute perfect time to break down what you are actually looking at on a bag of coffee, so you can really narrow down the contenders all by your lonesome. So in this video I'll break down how to read a coffee label like a true coffee aficionado, and if you're already are one, maybe you could use a quick refresher?

So hit play on that video above, soak up some knowledge, may drink a cup of coffee and relax. It is Friday after all.

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