Coffee Time – Testing Out Instagram Coffee Trends

Instagram and I have a love/hate relationship...

Of course I see it as a great place to share my work, connect with viewers, and even find inspiration. Yet, on the flip side it has a lot of blatant attention grabs for likes and shares, and many things that are purely for the visual aesthetics and not actually something that can or should be consumed. So today I'm talking the lemons (i.e. the popular, unique, and sometimes plain old odd trends) and making lemonade (i.e. an insightful and possibly entertaining YouTube video of trying out odd Instagram coffee trends).

After some diligent browsing and careful consideration I've narrowed it down to three specific posts. Cotton candy cloud coffee, brewing espresso with Coca-Cola (not to be confused with the Fat Americano), and coffee ice cubes. All of which in theory sound like they may have merits, or at the very least possible. Of course the photos and videos paint a rosy view of these ideas, techniques, or whatever you want to call them, but as we all know by now, there is a big gap between Instagram vs reality. So today I'm putting my palate on the line to see if these are even worth trying yourself, or they should be left on your Instagram feed.

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