Coffee Opinion – Instant Gesha Is Good For Specialty

There are few combinations of words...

that would drive the relatively docile coffee nerd into fits of rage, but I think "instant Gesha" is likely one of them. Even though instant coffees in general have undergone what I would consider somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, still in certain circles the thought of putting some of the most sought after and expensive coffees in the world into instant form is pure blasphemy. As a coffee professional born out of the third wave, this was also my knee-jerk reaction, but is it actually bad?

Well, thanks to Cometeer I'm about to find out. If that sounds familiar, back in February I reviewed their product while it was just hitting the market. They purchase coffees from high-level roasters, brew it into a concentrate, and then flash freeze it into capsules. It actually makes a pretty solid cup of coffee, all you do is add your liquid of choice at your preferred temperature. So recently I saw they released a limited edition run with Equator to produce their capsules using four coffees from Finca Sophia out of Panama. Three of the four coffees are Gesha varieties, and one even claimed a $1,300 per pound price tag at auction last year.

So, it's an opportunity that I as a coffee lover and content creator couldn't pass up, so I snagged the set to see what I could learn about instant Gesha.

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