Damn Fine Tutorial – The Inverted Tulip

Inverted tulips are a...

unique twist on a classic pour.  They aren't extremely advanced either, but they do require some finesse that isn't all that common in latte art pours in general.  By finesse I mean you have to turn the cup one hundred and eighty degrees to complete the inverted tulip pour. So the biggest key to the entire pour will be how you grip the cup.  I find that this is key because setting down the cup or the pitcher mid pour can totally wreck your contrast and milk texture.  So holding the cup in a comfortable way to spin it on the fly is important.

Other than the grip on the cup, the flow and technique of the inverted tulip pour is pretty standard.  If you aren't comfortable with the standard pour I'd get that one down first before jumping into this one.  If you need a refresher or help getting your standard tulips on lock check out this tutorial by clicking here.  Give this one a shot, its not extremely hard and its a rare one.  I don't think I've ever seen them outside of a latte art competition.

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