Dairy Alternative – I Tasted James Hoffmann’s Mylk

Dairy alternatives and I...

have a bit of a contentious relationship, I've always wanted to like them, but I feel like they tend to fall short in one way or another. Whether it's how they taste, how they blend with coffee, their foamability or mouthfeel, they just don't check all the boxes. I'm clearly not the only one in that boat, so finding that perfect milk alternative is kind of a holy grail in the future of coffee. So now, enter James Hoffmann's Mylk, a collaborative work with a company called Myracle Kitchen.

Okay, so it's not technically James Hoffmann's mylk, but I did want to put some kind of awkward image into your head, did it work?  That being said though, he was part of the development of the recipe, he's straight forward about his vested interest in the company, and even emailed me to see if I was interested in trying it out. So, of course, considering the search for the perfect milk alternative and need to create content is on-going I was more than happy to accept the opportunity to sample it.

So in this week's video I'll be putting it to the test, and risk possibly someone I respect immensely, as well as his massive fanbase, so join me on this adventure won't you?

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