Damn Fine Tutorial – Japanese Iced Coffee

Spring has sprung, so Japanese iced coffee is on the menu...

at my house, and it should be at yours too.  The beauty of this is its cold, but its brewed using hot water so it still brings out the unique flavors and sweetness of the coffee you're using.  If you drink this next to cold brew, which is often brewed via immersion, you'll find that this has more acidity which is more appealing to my palette, especially with fruitier, more floral coffees like the Kenyan used in this tutorial.

  1. Add 150 grams of ice into your brewing device, in this video I'm using a Chemex

  2. Place your pre-rinsed filter into your brewing device, always use the hot water you'll brew with

  3. Place the 30 grams of your ground coffee into your filter

  4. Give your dripper a quick shake to flatten the bed of coffee grounds

  5. Tare out your scale so you can accurately measure your brew ratio

  6. Bloom with 30 grams of water, you can use more, just be sure to completely wet the grounds and start your timer

  7. After 30 seconds pour the remaining 270 grams of water in a circular motion from outside to inside of the grounds

From here you'll just let the coffee finish dripping.  Overall it should take roughly two to two and a half minutes to finish.  I always give the container a quick swirl to move any solubles around and then pour into a cup I've kept in the freezer with ice in it.  From here its time step outside and enjoy the sun and your handmade Japanese Iced Coffee.


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