Jot Coffee – Pure Coffee Or Pure Marketing

I found Jot Coffee...

while scrolling through Instagram.  Rarely do sponsored posts catch my attention, but at some point this hyper focused marketing has to work.  So after watching their video pitch I did the unthinkable and made my way to their website.  Similarly to their advertisement it was clean, engaging, and very well designed.  The copy on all of the pages was separated into small quotable blurbs.  These mostly consisted of buzz words like "organic", "fair trade", and "pure", and punctuated with absurdly vague extraction claims.

I have to say, my inner third wave barista said no, but my inner YouTube content creator said yes. we are.  I bought a bottle and put together this video to go over my thoughts on their marketing, design, presentation, claims, and of course, how it tastes.  I know it's pretty clear that this product wasn't intended for me, and most likely if you follow me it wasn't made for you.  But this quarantine has got me feelin' all kind of ways. Anyway, I won't spoil it all for you here, so click play above and let the Jot Coffee games begin.

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