The La Marzocco KB90 – Bakke to the Future

The KB90 dropped...

out of nowhere.  It gets its namesake from Kent Bakke, former La Marzocco CEO and current Board Chairman.  He is also the pioneer of the newest and most exciting feature of on the KB90, the 'Straight-In' portafilter.  It's something he's wanted to develop for years, as part of his continued vision to make machines that are more efficient and easy to use.  The 90 is there to commemorate La Marzocco's 90th anniversary.

As I mentioned the biggest innovation on the KB90 is the development of the 'Straight-In' portafilter.  No more twisting, cranking, or wrist strain for those high volume cafes.  Just a slight push and the oh-so-satisfying click into place.  To me, and most people in the specialty coffee industry, the portafilter design was just the way it was.  Personally I've never worked in a cafe that is so high-volume that my wrist ended up hurting.  But there are those cafes out there, and this innovation is a game changer.

There are some other cool new features, and a more retro-like aesthetic.  All of which I'll touch on in the video.  A big thanks to La Marzocco USA and Solutions Espresso Services for the one-on-one time with this new addition to the La Marzocco family.

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