Kingrinder K3 – Can This $100 Hand Grinder Do It All?

It takes a certain type of coffee person...

to want to manually hand grind their coffee. It may or may not surprise you, but I'm not that type of coffee person. I've grown very accustomed to my daily ritual using an electric grinder, but the growing popularity of quality hand grinders is hard to ignore. There are names in the third wave coffee scene that have become legendary, like Comandante, Timemore, and Kinu that have turned hand grinders into sought after items by baristas, both home and professional alike. This brings me to the newcomer I'm testing today, the Kingrinder K3.

When Kingrinder reached out and asked if I'd be interested in trying out any of the grinders in their line, I was most interested in the K3 for one major reason; the price.  If you want a hand grinder capable of achieving both a quality cup of filter coffee and shot of espresso you'd be hard pressed to find one for under two hundred dollars, and the Kingrinder K3 claimed to do it all at just over one hundred.

So hit play on the video above to find out if the Kingrinder K3 really can pull off a premium performance for a mid-range price tag.

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