Kruve Imagine – The New Glass On The Block

For quite some time...

beverage enthusiasts have been making and designing their own glasses to elevate their drinking experience, and the company Kruve has continued to try to innovate in the coffee vessel space. It all started with their award winning filter glasses, then the pro-swirl espresso versions, and now with the new Kruve Imagine line it's milk based drinks turn in the spotlight.

These glasses are clearly designed to fit into their current lineup with smooth swooping lines and double-walled construction, but there is one big difference; its not about taste.  The Kruve Imagine glasses are designed with aesthetic in mind. With a wide open mouth it not only creates a large canvas for latte art, but it the spherical shape also creates the ideal flow for maintaining contrast in all of your favorite foamy designs.

So if you want to hear the pros, cons, and see the Kruve Imagine glasses in action hit play on the video above and soak up the latte art goodness.

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