Lagom Mini – Small Grinder, Big Expectations

Everyone loves an underdog...

and living in the shadow of popular siblings can be a frustrating existence, but the Lagom Mini aims at bringing the premium feel and brewing experience of its bigger burred family members, the P64 and P100, to those not looking to drop a lot of money on a coffee grinder. But they still want that trusted build quality, full metal construction, and maybe a couple burr options. So the question is, can all of this happen for a fraction of the price and the size?

The folks at Option-O seem to think so, and with a grinder market chalk full of single dosing, low-retention options the Lagom Mini has a lot to prove. So in this video I'll get into the weeds on all things Mini. Starting with an overview of its compact, but smartly designed body, how well its unique, in-house designed burr sets perform on both filter and espresso, and rounding it out with the inevitable quirks and downsides. So hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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