Lagom P64 – The Last Grinder I’ll Ever Buy (Hopefully)

If you're an eagle-eyed viewer...

you've maybe noticed a new addition on my bar in some of my recent videos, and that is the Option-O Lagom P64. From a distance it looks like a microscope, but similarly it is intended to magnify the flavors of your coffee...see what I did there?  If you aren't familiar its a 64mm flat burr, single dosing, all-round coffee grinder. Which if I'm honest, pretty much describes nearly every grinder that's hit the home market in the last few years.

Unlike most grinders on the market the Lagom P64 has multiple burr options, so essentially this review will be broken down into two major sections. One covering the body, chassis, and motor by Option-O, as well as another section on my burr choice; the SSP Multi-Purpose.  I'll also go into all the usual suspects in grinder reviews like workflow, features, and of course it wouldn't be a proper Sprometheus video without some tests around extraction and burr seasoning.

So without any further fanfare hit play on the video above and let's dive directly into the Option-O Lagom P64.

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