Coffee Time – Let’s Make A Cappuccino

I know not everyone loves these...

kinds of videos, but if I can be honest, I really do. Being able to just focus purely on brewing coffee, beautiful visuals, and the added dimension of a unique musical track really is the kind of vibe I want to cultivate on a Friday morning, especially as we start into a new month. So this week, you guessed it, you're coming along with me on a journey to make my morning cappuccino.

To add to the workflow I'm also in the middle of testing out the Lucca Atom 75 espresso grinder. If you aren't familiar it sports a unique bit of technology that gives you a visual, digital representation of your grinder setting, as well as recommended points for certain coffees in its relatively broad library of options via the TrueGrind application. This makes a dial-in fast and reduces waste, which is a huge benefit for everyone.

So if you'd like to see it all in action as I dial-in some fresh espresso, and make a cappuccino hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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