Coffee Time – Is The Mini Worth The Money?

Linea Mini reviews are so...

hot right now.  In fact, they have been for years.  Ever since I published my year one ownership review roughly three years ago, it has been my one of my most popular posts ever on the blog year to year.  Recently I saw Chris Baca threw his 5-panel hat into the review ring, but he prefaced that with the fact that it is a bias review.  To add to that the Linea Mini on his counter was given to him by La Marzocco Home as a "long-term loaner".  There's no such thing as buyers remorse or frustration for something you got for free, and a lot of people tend to ask if the Linea Mini is worth the money.  I do applaud him for being so transparent on that, so in the spirit of full disclosure I will say that my brother works for the commercial branch of La Marzocco (which I have mentioned before). Because of that got my machine at a family discount, but I did indeed pay for it.

Similarly to Chris I love the brand, and I love the machine.  In this video I'll go over some of the many questions I've received over the past three years of being a proud Linea Mini owner.  All of which will come out of the most common question I'm asked; is the Linea Mini worth the money?  Which is a multifaceted answer, and I'm about to drop all of these answers on you right now.  Check out the video above and soak up all this truth.

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