November 2018 La Marzocco Subscription – Campos Coffee

Australia's espresso game...

is top notch.  Considering drip coffee is a relatively new beverage there, the espresso market has had a lot of time to mature.  With big names making the move across the pond, like Toby's Estate, and Proud Mary, Campos Coffee didn't want to miss out on North America's exploding coffee culture.

Based in the hub of Salt Lake City, Utah Campos Coffee's stateside roasters is putting out all of the same blends and beverages they serve in Australia. Even though they are thousands of miles away the focus on quality, sourcing, consistency, and partnering remains the same.  For example the fine folks at Campos quality check their flagship Superior Blend espresso every day, sometimes twice a day.  Now that is a commitment.

Enough chit-chat, lets dive into the espressos.  I started with the aforementioned Superior Blend.  I was intrigued by this blend with its use of PNG, a.k.a. Papua New Guinea. Which is an origin I haven't explored much, and haven't had coffees that really wowed me.  As a straight espresso shot its smooth, sweet, with Carmel overtones, and a pleasant chocolatey finish.  When steamed milk is added to the equation it really lights up the Carmel with a smoother butterscotch flavor, and there is delicate hint of fruit on the finish, though it was hard for me to place.

The second espresso, Blade Runner Blend, earned immediate points with me.  Being named after one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies is a solid start.  Dialing this in was a bit more interesting that the Superior Blend.  It has 15 grams more out in a timeline with ten seconds less.  This means it feels like its running pretty fast. But once it was set up the straight espresso had a pineapple acidity, and notes of lemon and grapefruit.  It was definitely a more lively coffee than the Superior Blend, which I prefer.  The brightness may be a turn off to some, but its where I find the highest level of enjoyment.  With milk the citrus dissolved into more of stonefruit, and the acidity backed off a bit, but not a lot.  Keeping its true fruity form without going sour is real achievement in my mind.

In the end both of these espressos stood out to me as a very different, but incredibly enjoyable.  The classic flavors in the Superior would please the average coffee drinker, to the most experienced third waver. But the stand out for me was the Blade Runner Blend which was an extremely unique experience and exactly what I look for in a morning, afternoon, or evening cup of espresso or cappuccino.  On my scale these espressos earn an easy 'Stock It'.

Spro Scale

Campos Superior

Superior Blend

Origins: Colombia, Ethiopia, & Seasonal PNG

Roast: Medium

Brew Ratio: 1:2+

Grams In: 23

Grams Out: 40

Duration: 35 seconds

Campos Blade Runner

Blade Runner Blend

Origins: Kenya & Ethiopia

Roast: Medium

Brew Ratio: 1:2+

Grams In: 23

Grams Out: 55

Duration: 25 seconds


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