October 2018 La Marzocco Subscription – Coffee Collective

I've never been to Denmark...

but if I go I know I'll feel right at home at the Coffee Collective.  In 2007 they opened in Copenhagen with a great mission.  To create "exceptional coffee experiences in a manner that gives better living conditions to coffee farmers across the globe".  This practice is common within the third wave of the specialty coffee industry.  Bringing recognition and fair pay to those who do the hardest job in the industry is important to all those who understand the supply chain of coffee.

The Scandinavian coffee culture is very much like our own.  The coffee isn't roasted too dark, and the focus is on unique coffee flavor experiences. These two espressos showcase the breadth of the Coffee Collectives offerings.  Having a single origin from Kenya and an espresso blend really is a great way to get a grasp on their roasting style.  Combined with pulling the shots to their specifications really shines a light on the overall culinary experience they are trying to create.

First I dove into the Kieni Espresso.  This farm has had an eight year relationship with the Coffee Collective. When pulled to the correct specifications this espresso has pleasant citrus notes, and an intense sweetness that was reminiscent of a simple syrup. I preferred to enjoy this espresso on its own.  The intense sweetness and citrus acidity did not pair well with steamed milk.  It came out a bit more sour than I'd prefer.

The aptly named Espresso 2 was more up my alley.  As those who have been readers for awhile will attest, I do really appreciate a solid espresso blend over most single origins.  If there is some Ethiopia in the blend, it's a near guarantee it'll hit my tongue in the most pleasant way.  This espresso is a 50/50 split of Brazil and Ethiopia.  As a straight espresso it's balanced, sweet, with notes of chocolate and dragon fruit. In my cappuccino, the fruit, chocolate and steamed milk created a deliciously balanced and creamy beverage.

Overall, I'd say that these espressos are masterfully roasted and well-developed. The flavors are unique to their origin, they are responsibly sourced, and dialed in to perfection. My only frustration is that European roasters only do smaller bags than the standard 340 gram bags done standard by those in the United States.  On my scale these espresso scored a confident 'Buy It'.


Buy It Rating Scale

Single Origin Collectibve

Kieni Espresso

Origins: Kenya

Roast: Medium

Brew Ratio: 1:2+

Grams In: 19

Grams Out: 40

Duration: 27 seconds

The Collective Blend

Espresso 2

Origins: Brazil & Ethiopia

Roast: Medium

Brew Ratio: 1:2

Grams In: 19

Grams Out: 37

Duration: 27 seconds


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