February 2019 La Marzocco Subscription – Elixr Coffee

Elixir is one of those...

roasters that you hear about pretty often if follow the specialty coffee industry as closely as I do.  Personally and professionally I have a ton of respect for them. For a roastery that is relatively young (established in 2010) they've really managed to create a name for themselves.  They're a highly decorated company with a 2nd place spot in the 2018 Barista Championships, but more importantly, a top ten spot in the Roasters Championship in 2015, 2017, and 2018.  So as a roaster myself, I'm extremely excited to have their coffee in my hopper.

Before I get into the coffees I just want to say I'm extremely impressed with their packaging aesthetic.  They come in some of the cleanest bags I've seen.  The fact that they sent a coffee from the famed La Palma Y El Tucan in Colombia blows my mind.  This farm has been the sweetheart of the competition season, as all top four Coffee Champs competitors used coffees from this farm. Including Elixr who I previous mentioned took second place.

The first coffee I dug into was the Lunar Lander.  This blend of a traditionally fruity Ethiopian rounded out nicely with a sweet and balanced El Salvador. The brew ratio on this one is pretty standard.  The fruity acidity of the Ethiopian really shines in the straight espresso.  It had very clear notes of rich ripe cherry, rounded out smoothly with the pleasant bitterness of bakers chocolate.  When steamed milk is added the cherry flavor becomes slightly subdued, but the sweetness really comes out in the form of a caramel note.

Next up was the much anticipated La Palma Y El Tucan.  Upon opening up the bag the fragrance of red berries and brown sugar came wafting out.  When ground the berries popped even more, and chocolate came out with it.  As espresso it is crisp and bright with lots of dark chocolate and notes of caramelized sugars. With milk it obviously muddled out the some acidity, but the brightness was still there.  The sweetness was only accentuated by the creaminess of the milk.  All-in-all this coffee did not disappoint.

After having both of these offerings from Elixr back-to-back I'm convinced that they deserve all of the praise and awards they've been receiving.  The coffees they source are clearly of a very high quality, but the roasting and development is also world class.  I can't recommend picking these coffees up more.  On my scale the offerings from Elixr Coffee Roasters score a resounding 'Stock It'.

Spro Scale

La Palma Y El Tucan

La Palma Y El Tucan

Origin: Colombia

Roast: Medium

Brew Ratio: 1:2.1

Grams In: 21

Grams Out: 44

Duration: 20 seconds

Lunar Lander

Origins: El Salvador & Ethiopia

Roast: Medium

Brew Ratio: 1:1.75

Grams In: 20.5

Grams Out: 36

Duration: 25 seconds


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