Lucca Atom 75 – A Unique Mix Of Heritage & Tech

If you look at a coffee grinder....

in their most simplest form what do you see? You’ve got is a body, a motor, a set of burrs, and a sometimes spattering of other features here and there, but there really hasn’t been a lot of tech involved. Well the grinder we’re looking at today, the Lucca Atom 75, is pretty interesting with how it sort of rolls the classic simplicity of a Eureka grinder, into a unique and useful form of technology through a partnership with Clive Coffee's Lucca.

This espresso grinder (that can also grind for filter) carries some serious stats, like a 75mm set of hardened steel flat burrs, and 900W motor that rips through beans at 1400RPM. But the feather in it's hat so to speak, is its the first IoT (internet of things) connected grinder using the TrueGrind system which digitally tracks your burr placement in 5 micron increments, and claims to give you a recommended grind setting for a wide range of coffees promising a dialed-in shot from dose one.

So this all sounds pretty good to me, and it's definitely piqued curiosity, so if you're ready to dig into the Lucca Atom 75 hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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