Espresso Anatomy – The Lungo Shot

When it comes to espresso...

there is one brew type that tends to be forgotten.  The lungo espresso garners very little interest over the standard shot, and the notorious ristretto. Personally I rarely if ever see it on a menu, and when I asked about them on an Instagram poll many people mentioned having never had a good one, and in some cases just responded with the word "bitter".  Others mentioned needing the right coffee, and a general confusion on how to even make one.

With that I decided that a video about the lungo espresso would be a welcome addition to the Espresso Anatomy series. I dove into my research, and when I say research I mean watching and reading all of the things I could find online. In that process I came across three distinct recipes for the lungo espresso. Some are pretty standard, like using a one to three (1:3) ratio for example. Others are a blend of the traditional style, but utilizing the modern understanding on how even flow effects extraction. Then there are the options that are just way out in left field. Like the one from the beacon of knowledge, Wikipedia.

I don't want to spoil all the excitement that's in the video though, so let's just dive straight in and get this spro on the road!

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