Mahlkonig X54 – A Home Grinder With Pedigree

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very few manufacturer names fill the hearts of baristas with quite as much excitement as Mahlkonig.  With nearly 100 years of coffee grinding pedigree, and a line of legendary cafe heros like the EK43 and Peak, they are finally entering the world of home brewing.  The brand new Mahlkonig X54 is their idea of a home barista allrounder, essentially a two-in-one option, that can crank out the coarse boulders needed to brew a French press, and the fluffy fineness of a proper espresso.

For those familiar with their line of espresso grinders the X54 won't look and feel all that different.  On top of the industry standards for most pro-sumer grinders, like high quality burrs and stepless adjustments, there are also a few features aimed at making your life as a home barista a little easier. Similar to their full sized grinders the Mahlkonig X54 has multiple timed grind settings so you can grind your dose on demand, as well as a nice dosing cup for filter, and an attachment for your portafilter if you're going the espresso route.

So if you want to see the Mahlkonig X54 in action and how these features perform hit play on the video above and let's get to grinding.

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  1. 619coffeeman
    July 9, 2021

    Great job on the review!!!
    Thanks for the insights and opinions…

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