Mazzer Omega – The Most Anticipated Hand Grinder Of 2022

There are few brand names in coffee...

that carry as much history and respect as Mazzer. They've been in the coffee grinder and burr business for nearly 75 years and have built a positive reputation across the entire industry. Their burrs have become synonymous with quality, and many other grinder companies build their products around Mazzer's burrs (Niche Zero, Weber Key, etc). In the face of the trends towards manual coffee preparation they've now tossed their hat into the crowded, but ripe for innovation, hand grinder market with the new Mazzer Omega.

There's no doubt that Mazzer knows their way around a coffee grinder and burrs so its fair to say many of us in the coffee industry have been anticipating its release. Even though most hand grinders function and look very similar, the materials and the build of the Mazzer Omega is what appears to set it apart on paper. Most importantly it's two distinct conical burr choices, made specifically for the Omega: soft grinding and fast grinding. Which seem to be aimed at the end users personal grinding preferences.

So, without any further fan fare let's just jump directly into it, click play on the video above and let's brew this!

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