The Melodrip – Clarity or Calamity

The Melodrip is the new kid on the block...

well, the pour over block anyway.  Although, I may be doing some espresso experiments with it down the road.  But I digress.  I first took notice of the Melodrip after watching some of the Brewers Cup competitors using it.  I did a bit of research on it, and it turns out there was a Kickstarter campaign for it.  Along with that was a video that was slightly cringeworthy, in the over-dramatic, somewhat culty vibe kind of way.  But the science does speak for itself, and I fancy myself to be a bit of a coffee nerd so I jumped on the bandwagon and picked one up for the introductory price of $38.25 (now $45).

Since it was the holidays it did take some time to get here, so once it arrived I was pretty excited to dig into it.  In the box is the Melodrip itself, a glass stir stick, and a vial of some thing that resembles coffee. The pieces feel fragile, and now it makes sense that they sell the glass stir sticks in packs of five. The box also has a couple brewing recipes and recommendations.  I brewed the Melodrip exactly to those specifications with a coffee I'm very familiar with as a V60.

The coffee I used was a natural Ethiopia that I personally roasted and developed. It definitely had higher clarity, some of the more delicate flavors did seem a bit more forward.  The sweetness of the overall brew was definitely higher than the standard V60 results. The results were even more pronounced when I poured the Melodrip coffee back through the Melodrip (see the numbers below).

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MELODRIP  V60 - 1.47 TDS / 21.07% EXTRACTION

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