Damn Fine Tutorial – Milk Steaming 101

Milk steaming consistently...

is by far one of the skills that took me the longest to grasp.  It's also a skill that I've found is somewhat challenging to teach.  As a visual learner I've found videos and watching long-time baristas more helpful than anything else.  With that being said practice make permanent, so prepare yourself to go through gallon after gallon of milk on the journey to milk steaming mastery.

In the video I touch on many of the concepts in steaming milk properly; i.e. depth, sound, whirlpool, temperature, and grooming.  These are all very important to the final product, and vary from basic, to relatively complicated. You'll need to take some time to trial and error to get each piece right.  These were sticking points for me in my learning process as well.  I made sure that during the entire video that all of the action taking place was visible and audible.  But I also wanted the video to be concise enough to watch quickly, or have rolling in the background while you practice.

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