The Morning – This Ain’t Grandma’s Nespresso Machine

It may not come as a surprise...

That capsule based coffee machines have never really been on my radar. That is until I heard of the Morning machine. It boasts some features that seem better suited to top of the line espresso machines. Things like pre-infusion, blooming, automatic volumetric, and three phase pressure control. So if that isn't enough for you to realize this isn't your grandma's Nespresso machine, it also features a wide variety of specialty coffee roasters from all over the world, including some big names like Australia's Toby's Estate and Hong Kong's The Cupping Room.

The beauty of the Morning machine is its ability to keep things incredibly simple with a pre-programmed recipe, and also dive down into the deep rabbit hole of brewing variables. You can even connect it to your wifi and use it via their mobile application to visually choose your brewing parameters via a simple and easy to use interface.

The company calls it the "world's first specialty capsule machine", and on paper it does look that way. So in this week's video I'm going to put the Morning machine to test on my bar and see if it really is something special, or just another Nespresso machine dressed in third wave marketing.

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  1. Shaz
    July 21, 2022

    For someone who just bought Vertuo Next, I’d rather not see this.


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