Top Three – Must Have Espresso Tools

Having the right tools...

is key for any job, even making great espresso.  Of course you need an espresso machine, but along with that there are espresso tools that make the job easier and more consistent.  As I'm sure you know consistency is the key to success in coffee making.  If you aren't consistent extractions you'll be getting a different product every time you pull a shot.  Avoiding this is ideal because we all want to make the most of that bag of coffee we payed our hard-earned cash for.

I've been making espresso at home for over two years now, and over a year in a cafe environment.  I've tried a plethora of different tools and landed on a kit that has not only made my espresso making consistent, but cleaner and less costly in terms of wasted grounds, filtered water, and espresso shots.

In the video I'll demonstrate to you how each of these espresso tools works.  I'll also explain how they create a more consistent product when used with one another.

The featured tools are:

Dosing Funnel from Orphan Espresso - $22.50 (USD)

OCD Tool from ONA Coffee - $145 (USD)

Big Step Tamer from Pullman -  Price varies based on options

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