Damn Fine Tutorial – My Hybrid V60 Technique

There is no shortage...

of V60 recipes, tutorials, and techniques online in both written and video formats.  It seems almost like a rite of passage, or at the very least a given for coffee YouTubers and bloggers these days. Since there are so many options out there, I guess I didn't feel like I needed to add another one.  But after posting a small blurb about my hybrid V60 technique on my Instagram feed, there seemed to be a good amount of interest from ya'll, so I decided to put this video together.

I call it my hybrid V60 technique because over the past few years I've tried quite a few recipes and picked up a couple interesting tricks along the way. Using those tricks I've pieced together a V60 recipe that I've grown pretty fond of, and it's been my go-to for awhile now, and maybe it'll also become yours. So check out the video above for a quick breakdown of some of the finer points, and then follow the recipe directions down below for a sweet, sweet brew of your very own.

The Recipe/18g Coffee/288g water/1:16 Brew Ratio

  1. Fold and rinse your paper filter
  2. Pour coffee into the filter and Prepare the coffee bed using the Kubomi technique (see video for reference)
  3. [00:00 - 00:30] Pour 50 grams of water to bloom, and stir from the center out using a spiral
  4. [00:31 - 01:15] Pour in a circular pattern to reach 173 grams (including bloom)
  5. [01:16 - 02:30] Pour in the center matching pace of the brewed coffee from the bottom to 288 grams (see video for reference)
  6. [02:30 - 03:30] Swirl to flatten the bed and wait for the draw down to complete

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  1. Michael Saavedra
    November 22, 2020

    Can you combine this method, with melodies and the UK method? Also, what’s the best temperature for light roasts vs medium roasts?

    1. TheRealSprometheus
      November 24, 2020

      You can most definitely use the Melodrip for this if you’d like, and I always recommend the hotter the better for lighter coffees, I dive in right off boil. With medium roasts maybe let boil die down before pouring.

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