Coffee Time – My Morning Cortado

Making coffee is cathartic.

Some people do yoga, some people meditate, I just like to make espresso. There is just something so soothing about the entire process. The meticulous nature of weighing your coffee to the nearest gram and grinding it at a specific RPM. The magical transition from grinds in a portafilter, to syrupy espresso with a golden surface. Cold milk in a pitcher, becoming smooth, steamed milk skillfully poured into the cup. It essentially shows the same care and attention to detail as someone delivery a baby, but instead it's just my morning Cortado.

So in today's video I'm bringing the heat, and by heat I mean some serious calming, hypnotic vibes while I make one of my favorite drinks. This is also another way to highlight my other permanent espresso machine, the lovely Lelit Bianca V3. It's overall fit, finish and performance has never ceased to impress me. Every time I swap it in it just performs so smoothly and cleanly that it puts up a serious fight with the twice as expensive La Marzocco Gs3MP.

Among the other equipment that's new, or newly returned to the bar, is the Varia Brewing AKU scale, and I'm getting back to the basics with an old favorite, the classic notNeutral Vero glasses. So if you're looking for a relaxing coffee video that's just pure espresso preparation sounds and some ambient music, look no further than my morning Cortado.

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