Coffee Time – My Morning Workflow

After four full weeks of in-depth...

coffee content, reviews, and data I was in need of a reset. Plus, I haven't done coffee routine video featuring my morning workflow for some time now, so it felt like the perfect way to get me back into the mindset needed to delve into the last weeks of 2022.

In this video I go step-by-step, with brief explanations of the finer points of my process.  This includes working through puck preparation utilizing the all important and Zen-like Weiss Distribution Technique tool, milk steaming for the ideal micro foam, and latte art with my favorite handleless pitcher. I also highlight some of the unique features of my equipment, like the Option-O Lagom P64 and it's variable burr RPM, and the La Marzocco GS MP's (Manual Paddle) ability to manipulate pressure throughout the shot of espresso.

Last but not least, the video is just a vibe. It's a stormy morning workflow with music and the pure sounds of making coffee. In my mind it's essentially meditation. So what's not to love, and by now you likely already know the deal, so hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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