Nanofoamer – Microfoam Bliss Or Latte Art Miss

I've said it before...

and I'll say it again, consistently steaming glossy, smooth, microfoam is one of the hardest parts about being a barista. Even I have my off steams, but now there is a new product that claims to help you get that treasured latte art capable foam and it fits in the palm of your hand; the Subminimal Nanofoamer. Fancy name aside it seems like a pretty simple mechanism. Using two small screens, "Fine" and "Super Fine", attached to a small battery powered motor are designed to spin and texture  your milk into cafe quality microfoam bliss in 20 seconds.

The fact is there are many milk texturing products out there for those who don't have access to a steam wand. Yet, very few of them produce that velvety foam that you'll get from a skilled barista. Having tried a few over the years there doesn't seem to be much consistency to controllability. So if the Nanofoamer can not only produce that foam I crave, but also do it consistently I'd say you've got a winning product. Yet, having reached their Kickstarter goal in the their first day I don't think they really need my help. Regardless, I want to give a try, so hit play on that video above and see if it lives up to its claims and my hefty expectations.

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