NextLevel Brewer – Is No Bypass The Future Of Brewing?

A humble hand brew...

will teach you a lot about brewing good coffee; consistency, grind size, brew time, and how they all correlate, building a solid foundation of knowledge. But one factor still remains more or less a mystery when it comes to traditional pour over designs, and that is water bypass. The term bypass refers to the water that finds its way around the coffee bed when brewing. Its not completely obvious to us when it's happening, and it can occur in varying amounts brew to brew, so the NextLevel Brewer aims at removing that as a potential source of inconsistency.

Along with the removal of water bypass the NextLevel Brewer incorporates a controlled application of water, on top of a bed of coffee that aims at maintaining even diffusion through the grinds, resulting in a higher extraction. Without the addition of an unknown amount water bypass the coffee brewed is the exact ratio aimed for and ready to be drank straight (which can be quite intense at a 25%+ extraction) or diluted.

But that's enough text, a lot of this is hard to visualize so hit play on the video above and let's get into the NextLevel Brewer!

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