Niche Duo – Everything You Need To Know

After weeks of brewing, tasting, testing,...

an unboxing, and a workflow video, the time for the full Niche Duo review has finally arrived. As always, a proper review is something that can not, and should not be rushed out. Taking my time has also allowed me to collect a handful of questions from viewers to provide an even fuller view of what to expect from Niche's new highly anticipated, but unexpected sophomore release.

On the outside, the Duo is unmistakably a Niche, but on the inside, instead of a set the Zero's classic set of conicals, it comes armed with not one, but two sets of 83mm flat burrs. Each of the burr sets are made by the legendary producer Mazzer, and attached to their own, labeled carrier that's designed to be swapped in and out when changing brew between espresso and filter brewing.

As you'd expect with the massive popularity of the Zero, the creation an aftermarket flat burr modification, and all the rumors that floated around coffee circles online, the arrival of the flat burr Duo has caused a bit of a stir and there are a lot of questions swirling around. So in today's video I of course go over the grinder from top to bottom, how it performs, discuss its quirks, and even get into a handful of some of the most common questions about it from the unboxing video. So without any further fanfare, hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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