Niche Zero – Year One In Review

The unsung hero of the coffee bar...

is the humble grinder. The espresso machines, coffee drippers, and latte art pours tend to often be the stars of the show, but today I'm revisiting my experience with a Niche Zero year one review. If you've been around for a minute you may recall the original review I did with a Niche Zero. For that one I actually borrowed it from a friend and fellow coffee lover, but after a few days I knew I had to have one. Thankfully this was prior to its explosion in popularity, and I was able to snag one within a month.

Now, after a year of almost daily use I figured this is as good of a time as any to dig back into it in terms of its longer term usability and functionality. For the first review I only had it for a few days, but now the honeymoon period has worn off, and it no longer has that new grinder smell. Since last year (2020) was spent almost entire at home, I really put the Niche Zero through its paces, grinding all things from French presses, to espresso, and everything in between. Through that time I found myself happy with some things, and thinking others could be better. So hit play on that video above, and let's dig into my Niche Zero year one experience.

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