Pour Over – The No Bloom Method

If you’ve been making pour overs...

in the last decade or so you’ve likely been trained, taught, or told that a bloom is an absolute necessity for a quality cup. The reasons for the process are sound, as it gives the coffee time to expel C02 built up in the roasted coffee’s cell structure, which can repel water and negatively effect your coffee’s flavor and extraction, but as I've learned through my paltry thirty five years of life experience, rules are made to be broken. So in today's post I'm going to be digging into Tales Coffee's no bloom, single pour method.

I first heard of the method about six months ago when I posted my coffee focused take on a traditional tea brewing technique called top and tail. There were many people in the comment section asking about my take on this no bloom method, and so here I am finally getting around to it. From watching the original video it does appear to have promise, and the thought process behind it appears to be sound,  but there's only one way to find out. Let's brew some no bloom coffee, and see if anything of interest comes out of my face.

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