The Aeropress – No Press Brew Method

This basic little brewer never...

ceases to amaze me with the wide array of brewing techniques it's capable of, but I hadn't even considered a no press Aeropress option. It wasn't long ago I discovered the WAC (World Aeropress Championship) recipes and those opened up a whole new love for the simple coffee brewer.  Fast forward to just a few short weeks ago, and I was doing a photoshoot of the Aeropress for my Instagram. So to catch individual drops of coffee as they slowly dripped from the filter cap I put some coffee and water into the chamber and just let it seep out as I took photos. After I felt like I had enough photos, and out of sheer curiosity, I took a sip and was pretty blown away by how tasty it was with no effort.

Thinking I had maybe come up with something new I went to the trusty ol' internet machine, and it appears to already be a thing people have tried out.  It's hard these days to be original, but it is somewhat under the radar, so today consider it officially on the radar. The Aeropress actually makes a great dripper for many reasons. For one it's vertical walls allow for a fully saturated bed, and no high and dry bits that stick to a paper filter. Second, its flat base promotes an even flow of water through the bed from beginning to end, which increases the extraction yield overall. Lastly, it doesn't require any fancy kettle or special pouring techniques.

So hit play on the video above to see my recipe and tips for what I like to call the no press Aeropress.

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  1. Lisa Headley
    March 22, 2021

    That’s an interesting read! I also love the Aeropress. Its smoother brew makes the coffee taste even better and it has a shorter brewing time.


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