OCD V3 – Don’t Call It A Comeback

ONA Coffee has dropped the OCD V3...

and it's time to find out if its a step forward, or just more of the same.  For those who have been following along with my personal love-hate relationship with the OCD (ONA Coffee Distributor) tool you know that I've been both a huge proponent of the tool, and also recently removed it from my daily espresso process when I found it decreased the extraction percentage significantly next to other simpler distribution methods.  If you haven't checked out those videos they may be a good primer for this one since I will refer back to them in a few instances.

When I saw the OCD V3 was coming out I reached out to ONA to ask a few questions and ended up in an email conversation with Sasa Sestic.  He's not only the creator of the OCD, the Director at ONA, but he is also the 2015 World Barista Championship.  After sharing my concerns about the current version he provided me with not only some great data on the OCD V3, but also a new perspective on the extraction percentage and what it means for the overall taste of the espresso.  This means the tool itself is believed to remove some of the negative flavors in espresso, but removing those flavors is also removing some extraction percentage.  Sasa was kind enough to send me one of the first 100 units to use for this video.

I had to test that for myself, along with a couple other experiments, and some tests of the claims about the newest version.  Will the new version be a step forward?  Will the espresso taste better using it, than if not?  Will the new anti-static coating keep the tool from retaining coffee grounds? All these questions and more will be answered in video, so hit play and soak up all that coffee goodness.

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