Espresso Anatomy – The One And One

The one and one...

is a go-to order for me when going into a cafe for the first time.  If you don't know what the one and one is, its a split double shot of espresso, one is served straight, the other is served as a macchiato. It can be made in a traditional way (dry foam and no steamed milk) or in a modern way (wet with foam and steamed milk). This drink is a great way to get a grasp on a cafes espresso standards and get a taste of their espresso with  and without steamed milk.  Outside of that it saves you some extra room for a batch brew, or if you are like me and visit multiple cafes in a day it won't over caffeinate you to the point of breaking into a sweat until your third or fourth shop stop.

In this Espresso Anatomy video I make a one and one and talk about these points, and a few other reasons as to why I love this drink.  It's not a widely known drink, and it was rumored to have started at Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz and created by well known coffee personality, Jared Truby, during his tenure with Verve.  I can't say one way or another if this is true, but my first experience with the one & one was at Verve in San Fransisco. So, maybe?  Regardless of who created it, its out in the wild, give a shot (pun intended).  Its perfect for those looking to get a full grasp of a cafe's range, without being heavy or overdoing it on the caffeine.  Plus, its relatively inexpensive and should've cost more than a standard cappuccino or cortado.

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