Orea V3 – My Pour Over Daily Driver

A few keen observers...

have been noticing a regular brewing cameo in some of my recent videos, so I figured now may be a good time to introduce my current daily driver pour over: the Orea V3. This incredibly simple and unassuming brewing device has been more or less the only one I reach for when I'm in the mood for a proper filter coffee. Which is no small achievement considering it's stacked up against a serious list of contenders like the Hario Switch, Fellow Stagg, and April dripper, just to name a few.

The beauty of the Orea V3 its extremely subtle but intentional design. No gimmicks, no hacks, just pure coffee brewing engineering. From the materials used down to its unique ring designed base. Each brings its own piece of the brewing puzzle to create a full picture. So in this week's video I'm be giving you a more in-depth introduction to the Orea V3, its design features, and how they all culminate in one of the best pour over experiences I've had to date. So hit play on the video above, and let's brew this!

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